Superfoods for glowing skin 

We do our best to look after our skin by choosing the products that are fulfilling its particular needs and fight against the harmful effects of the environment. We know that in order to have a beautiful, glowing complexion , it is vital to keep it clean and hydrated. We spent considerable amount of money on skin care to provide our skin with all the essential nutrients and keep it happy! But all this might not be enough if our diet doesn’t resemble our skin care regime efforts. 

It is a fact that what we eat impacts they way we look. So even if we are using the best products out there, eating high in fat and sugar, processed foods can result in skin issues like: dryness, dark under-eye circles or dull looking skin. 

What diet is best for supporting healthy skin? Well there is no surprise there: a healthy one, focused on high-quality lean proteins, fiber, healthy oils on of course raw fruits and vegetables. 

So if you want to give your skin that super boost think about including the following in your diet…

Healthy oils

The oils that are best for our skin are those that have not been commercially processed, as that strips them out of important nutrients. The ones that are most beneficial to our skin are usually labeled: cold pressed, expeller processed and extra virgin.


They are high in poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids like Omega 9’s. The natural oils found in avocados restore its softness and hydration. They also ensure skin’s firmness and elasticity and help to repair damaged skin cells, reducing irritation and redness.


Oily fish does wonders for skin, as it is full of essential fatty acids. Salmon, with high content of Omega 3’s should definitely have its place in the healthy diet. Similar to avocados it helps to regenerate the cells that already have been damaged and keep them healthy and hydrated. Apart from making skin look supple and soft it also provides a protective barrier to harmful toxins.

Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries

Free radicals are one of the skin’s worst enemies and the only way to fight them is to provide our skin with a good dose of the antioxidants. Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries are known for their high antioxidants content. Eating them is the easiest way to fight the free radicals responsible for causing wrinkles, damaging skin sells and disrupting collagen production. 

And last but not least, it is absolutely necessary to add plenty of water to our diet since the best form of hydration comes from clean, pure water. Other liquids might quench thirst but they are not as effective hydration wise.

In terms of the skin, we 100% believe in the old saying that ‘beauty starts within’. So remember what you put on your plate is as important as what you put on your skin as both will have a huge effect on its appearance. 

Marzena Mlynarska