Drink Up the Pickle Juice

Did you know that pickles are (and have been for centuries!) regarded as a health food? Apparently, Julius Caesar has fed them to his troops to boost their strength and Cleopatra included them in her diet as her beauty aid.

But it’s not just about pickles as pickle juice is also really good for us!


Whether you like eating pickles or not pickle juice is a totally different story and its consumption may not sound very appealing. However there are good reasons why you should consider drinking it.

Athletes have been consuming this salty liquid for years, as it brings relief for muscle cramps and helps to keep and stay hydrated (helping body recover to its normal electrolyte levels).  But you don’t need to be professionally involved in sporting activities to realise bags of other health benefits that pickle juice offer.

A is for Antioxidants

Pickle juice is literally packed with antioxidants (especially Vit C and E) which help shield your body from damaging molecules called free radicals. Both Vit C and Vit E also help boost the immune system function. Thanks to the acidic content of the pickle juice, your body will also absorb the nutrients much easier.  

B is for Blood Sugar

According to research vinegar consumption can help regulate blood sugar levels after eating. By regulating blood sugar (especially for those with type 2 diabetes) pickle juice may help to prevent heart problems, kidney damage, and other health issues.

C is for Cramps

As we already mentioned pickle juice is a great remedy for muscle cramps but not only those relating to exercise! Pickle brine can also reduce cramps associated with PMS. And apart from being an excellent period cramps remedy, the juice also helps to settle an upset stomach due to its good bacteria and high sodium content.

D is for Digestion

Vinegar in pickle juice has a great effect on the digestion system as it encourages the growth and healthy balance of good bacteria and flora in the gut. The bacteria that cause the fermentation produce B vitamins which act as probiotics that help keep your digestive tract healthy.

So, think again when considering throwing away the leftover liquid from the pickle jar. And even if the idea of drinking pickle juice isn’t tempting, it may be worth it to give it a go, just for the sake of the benefits you will be getting. And you never know you might actually like it (or train yourself to like it)

Note: Pickle juice is usually high in salt so keep that in mind and don’t over consume!

Karolina Scott