A Guide To Face Masks


Face masks are a little luxury treats for the skin. They are an affordable way to enhance your daily skincare routine. They are meant to bring the glow to our complexion and treat whatever we are struggling with. As much as face asks can offer amazing benefits, they haven’t all been created equal and as any other products they are tailored to specific needs. So, let have a look a different kinds of face masks available to find out which one might be the right fit for you.

Our Specialty Product

Organic Coconut Nectar based facial mask. You can’t find this mask elsewhere. Coconut honey based mask is a vegan substitute to regular honey. (Find out more about our mask here).


Clay masks can be great at treating congested pores as they work to remove impurities from the skin whilst having mattifying effect at the same time.  Remember not to leave this type of mask for longer than 5 minutes as it can strip the skin of its natural oils. (This can especially disastrous for an oily skin which would increase sebum production to compensate for the loss, thus making the condition worse.)


Sheet masks are growing in popularity thanks to various A-listers, showing them off all over social media. They originate from South Korea and are usually saturated in Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine. They are meant for special occasions when you need that all night glow and reduced puffiness. The purpose of this type of mask is to nourish not to cleanse or exfoliate. They are meant to enhance the look of the skin not treat the condition. Like a blow dry but for the skin.


These masks are great for an instant boost of radiance.  Exfoliating masks consist of mineral formulas that meant to bring back the glow when your skin is feeling dull and grey. Their job is to remove dead cells and refine skin texture without causing any irritation. (However, be careful if you have sensitive skin). Also remember to load up on moisturizer after using any exfoliating treatment. (Our Organic Coffee Scrub is an amazing exfoliator)

Cream/ Paste

Cream or paste masks are rich in oils and moisturisers that can deeply penetrate the skin and replenish dry cells. Because they offer super hydration, they are extremely beneficial for skin that’s is dry or dehydrated. They are most likely to come in a form of a thicker formula that provides 1st class nourishment.


Gel masks can have an amazing cooling and soothing effect. They offer great hydration and are mostly advised for those with sensitive and/or dry skin. Gel masks can remove dirt and impurities in a gentle way. They are refreshing and relaxing, a mini- break for the skin so if you are looking for a full a treatment to sort out skin’s condition you might need to look elsewhere.

Face masks are loaded with skin perfecting ingredients. From purifying clay to refreshing gels it seems like we can have it all when it comes to these do- it-at-home treatments. Just make sure you choose the one that is not only suitable for your skin type but will also help you to achieve the result you ate after.

Karolina Scott