Skincare tips for autumn

Unfortunately the end of summer is inevitable and today on 23rd of September it’s time to part with it for a while and say hello to autumn. Autumn doesn’t necessary means lack of sunshine but it surely means colder days and nights.


With falling temperatures our skin’s requirements change so adjusting our skincare routine is absolutely necessary. Our skin becomes much more prone to dryness in cold temperatures because blood vessels narrow and sebaceous glands produce less sebum. What’s more when temperatures drop to below 8 degrees Celsius, the skins own fatty layer is unable to spread into a thin film.

Prepping is everything if you wish to minimise the negative effects of the environment and if you follow these simple tips you’ll enjoy silky smooth skin even in the colder months.


Bath might seem like a great idea, especially after long day in the cold weather. But keep in mind that prolonged soaking in the hot water has a real drying effect on the skin. So if you don’t want to skip the ritual, make sure you add bath additives with moisturising substances to the water so the skin doesn’t lose too much moisture. 

When it comes to face cleansers opt in for the gentler ones that wouldn’t affect the skins natural barrier.


Moisturising is extra important when skin is exposed to harsh temperatures as moisture evaporates much quicker. Day moisturising is a must and the same goes for the night. It is advisable to switch to richer, lipid regulating night cream. It’s ideal if product contains urea or Shea butter as they regenerate the skin helping retain that needed moisture.

Sun protection

Don’t be under the impression that you can skip the sun cream just because the summer is officially over. Yes it’s true that during autumn we are exposed to fewer UV rays but fewer doesn’t mean none. Therefore we still need a protection whilst outdoors. As long you are wearing at least SPF10 you should be safe.


Regardless of weather you need to drink plenty of water and keep hydrated from the inside (worth reminding as you may feel less thirsty in the colder months!)  Recommended amount is approximately 2 litres daily and if you stick to that it will definitely have a positive impact on your skin’s appearance.

Those few, simple good habits can help to avoid disastrous consequences.

And it’s best to start prepping our skin for colder temperatures now because as autumn might be a little bit forgiving to our skin, the winter definitely won’t be.







Karolina Scott