In The Spotlight - 10 Minute Face Mask

In our previous post we have touched on the benefits that the blue/green algae called spirulina offers. So it only makes sense to introduce you to one of our (new!) products that contains this amazing superfood. You can now realise the benefits of spirulina thanks to our 10 Minute Face Mask.

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Face masks are great way of clearing impurities and indulging the skin once in a while. Yes, they need that bit of extra time. But surely it’s worth to spend few more minutes (10 to be precise!) for a glowing complexion right?

Full of amazing ingredients, 10 Minute Moisturising Mask is a first – class treatment if you want a smoother and healthy looking skin. It leaves the skin looking brighter, polished and full of life. There is a substantial amount of oils packed into the face mask jar (including avocado oil, sweet almond oil, coffee Arabica seed oil, turmeric oil), all of which have amazing effects on skin, from moisturising through soothing to clearing breakouts.

And of course lets not forget spirulina, which belongs in the limelight. Apart from being ideal for consumption, the benefits it has on the skin are becoming more widely known and accepted. Spirulina acts as a natural toner and eliminates harmful free radicals from the skin. It purifies the cells of the skin, which results in improved appearance. Spirulina is also a natural skin’s detoxifier, therefore improves skins metabolism and cells regeneration promoting the shedding of dry and dead skin cells. (Makes a lot of sense to put it in a face mask!)

Apart from the above it is very effective in fighting aging signs, thanks to high levels of selenium, Vitamin E, chlorophyll and tyrosine. Tyrosine, compromised of powerful antioxidants helps to decrease the aging of the skin and combats harmful radicals. Chlorophyll on the other hand helps to retain moisture, which makes skin looking more hydrated, healthy and smooth.

Seems like spirulina was a well-protected secret for a while, which fortunately is now out.

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For best results use it once a week and when you apply the mask really dig into the jar to mix all of its layers together to make sure you are getting all the goodness it offers.

As we all aware of the incredible benefits of this powerful algae it’s time to make most of it. And our 10 Minute Moisture Mask could be something to start your spirulina journey with.

Give it a try and let us know what you think, pictures welcome!

Karolina Scott