Embrace sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can appear anywhere on the body but we often notice it the most on the face. If you experience dryness, redness or tightness, it’s quite possible you have sensitive skin. You will notice that it often feels sore and uncomfortable and needs an extra hydration in the winter months. It also dries out quicker during flights and flushes easily after eating spicy food and alcohol consumption.


There is no single cause of sensitive skin however it is thought to involve combination of compromised skin’s barrier function and extra sensitive nerve endings in the top layer of skin. Sensitive skin can also be caused by environmental factors such as: sun exposure, air pollution, harsh cold weather, chlorine, very hot water and dehydration.

Nowadays more people than ever claim that have a skin sensitivity of some kind. According to a recent European study nearly 52% of participants reported the condition.

The severity of sensitivity can vary however, from occasional reactions to more extreme feeling of discomfort. And let’s not forget that internal factors, such as: illness, hormonal shifts or even stress can worsen the condition.

Those who suffer from sensitive skin need the skincare regime that won’t weaken the skin’s natural barrier further and make things worse. The aim is to soothe, restore and protect the skin. It’s really important to use products that are specifically formulated for sensitive complexion and provide that little extra comfort.

Look out for products that are as pure as possible and made up of relatively few ingredients. Avoid colorants, fragrance and harsh chemicals. Stick to natural ingredients that will be more kind to your face & body.

Sun cream is a must at all times because harmful UVA and UVB rays can further irritate the skin.  (Remember UV rays are present all year round regardless of grey, cloudy weather!)

Some people may have sensitive skin from very young age but in other cases it develops with time. Although sensitive skin is usually dry and flaky not everyone will experience exactly the same symptoms. It’s worth noting that even oily, blemish prone skin can be sensitive.

Even though you might not be affected by skin sensitivity now, it is important to look out for the alarming signs especially if your skin seems to be easily aggravated. If you happen to develop sensitive skin, adjust the beauty regime accordingly and use products that are designed to improve this uncomfortable yet quite common skin condition.


Karolina Scott