If you’re still working on your "why?", then you’re in luck! Sknfed is giving you 5 reasons why you should be using vegan skincare products.


It’s everywhere and at times it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re not a hundred percent sure on how to take the leap.

You’ve probably started to be a little more conscious with your dietary options.  Now you’re profound in the art of reading ingredients list top to bottom.

Even though you may not be ready to change your eating habits altogether, you can reap some the benefits by making the switch to vegan skincare products.

“What are the benefits of vegan skincare products?”

Well, hers 5 Reasons why:

🐰 - No Animal  Testing

Cruelty-free.  If your doing your research on vegan skincare products, this words would have made an appearance in probably every article you’ve taken the time to read (thank you for stopping by).

But was does this mean for you? 

Well, apart from a piece of mind, cruelty-free means the products in question do not contain animal products and are thus are vegan skincare products. These products may also be against tested on animals. By purchasing from vegan skincare brands, you will be helping to send a powerful message to companies that are still conducting testing on animals. 

🐷- No Animal By-products

Many animal by-products found in cosmetics have a damaging effect on our skin. One of them is lanolin (derived from the wool of sheep), is not advisable for those with sensitive or prone to breakouts skin. another examples of animal by-products are uric acid extracted from cow’s urine. Now, vegan or not that is just Yuck!


-Better for Sensitive Skin

Those of us with sensitive skin will gain the most, when taking the leap and switching to vegan products. This is because vegan skincare products are made with 100% natural ingredients, each ingredient used based on the health benefits they provide. With a lack of harsh chemicals, it is unlikely the skin may become red or irritated.


♻️-Eco Friendly

Vegan brands are very cautious when it comes to their packaging, using recycled materials, which help to reduce waste and pollution.  A Lot of vegan brands try to have optimal packaging, using packageless, plastic-free and reduced plastic packaging, such as our Organic Face Moisturiser.  Together with the lack of harsh chemicals, they decrease the overall amount of chemicals and pollutants entering our water system, sea's and atmosphere; therefore proving to be much better for the environment.


🌊Super hydration

We've spoken about 100% Natural ingredients and their contributing health benefit. Well, besides our products being packed with natural, oils, butters, fatty acids and much more. Vegan and Natural products have  base ingredients that helps to lock in moisture, for example Aloe Vera or Vegetable derived glycerin. 

With regular use you will see a dramatic change in your skin's texture and brightness.