The story of Organic


Have you ever wondered where the term organic came from? And how organic cosmetics came about? Back in the day no one used to refer to cosmetics or any other products as organic, they were just products and that doesn’t mean they were full of chemicals. Why is that? Because back in the day, the use of natural ingredients was more common and in turn the products were more kind to us.

Nowadays we are so used to being surrounded by chemicals we know that of something is not branded organic we can’t trust it. Many are still finding it normal to clean our faces with harsh sulfates, moisturize with mineral oil and other petrolatum products (made from the oil industry) or bathe in chemical fragrances and drying alcohols.

So, what happened? Why has it all changed? How did we get into this chemical/synthetic world of skin care that we live in today?

It started with scientific breakthroughs which brought us chemicals and pesticides. As farmers struggled with insects and way of managing them loosing crop, the scientists discovered chemicals that could kill insects. Happy days! Unfortunately, it wasn’t until much later that people understood those chemicals side effects and their danger to the environment and living things.

As there was no denying that chemicals allowed to increased crop production, the other industries started to jump on the bandwagon and manufacturers created new fertilizers, synthetic dyes, synthetic perfumes, solvents, plastics, and more. The chemicals were combined to create personal care products like soaps and moisturizers that first, were reasonably priced and second, seemed to work.

However not everyone liked as where the pesticides and chemicals were taking us. Fortunately, some started to realize the potentially dangerous side effects, and wanted to keep things wholesome and healthy, like it was before.

And that’s how the organic movement has started to get significance in Europe around 1940s. In 1960 more and more people started to realize that pesticides, fertilizers, and weed killers, can be dangerous so they started to look for more natural alternatives.

By the 1990s, the organic movement had spread around the world and organic skin care was the next step. People recognized that it’s not just about what we put in our mouths but also what we are putting on our skin. As scientist have proven that the skin can absorb certain chemicals it became apparent that those chemicals are not as harmless as it seemed.

As we discovered that chemicals are not only harmful to environment but also potentially to us, we started to demand food and skin care products produced without synthetic pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals.

Every day number of chemicals that we get exposed to are revealed to have seriously dangerous effects and it is scary that some of them aren’t even clearly listed in the ingredients list as they might be a by-product of manufacturing.

 So, there you are it seems like we have made a circle in search for organic. So, all we need is to go back to basics, to where we started where everything was pure and simple. Discovering the chemicals might have been classed as a breakthrough in science, however discovering the negative effects they potentially have is of a much more significance.

Karolina Scott