New Year's Resolutions

It seems like 2018 has flown by as we were super busy here at Sknfed. We have gone through significant transformation (changing our name & making packaging even more eco-friendly) and attended big events (Love Natural Love You event at London’s Kensington Olympia and Christmas market at London Bridge/Tower Bridge). We have also managed to secure a stationery distribution channel for our products (Panacea stores across London) to make them even more accessible for our customers.

So yes, a lot was happening in the last 12 months, but as the year is ending we are already thinking of new challenges ahead of us. And New Year is a great opportunity to set goals i.e. New Year’s resolutions.

You might have already complied your own list of those but if you are struggling for ideas, we have some to get you started and add to your list.


We really need to recycle more. And we aren’t just talking about sorting out through the rubbish but also reusing what we can. Don’t throw away anything that can be donated to charity shops and try fixing things that can be mended.

Support small businesses

Research companies that you are buying from and try to support small businesses more. By doing so you recognise hard work of those who might struggle to compete with huge brands. Products brought to you by small businesses are usually hand made & better quality and above all represent someone fighting for their dream.

Minimise the use of plastic

It seems like plastic is everywhere, and we cannot avoid it, but we really can at least minimise its consumption if we try hard enough. Choose plastic alternatives when it comes to packaging. Also bring your own bags to the shops. Planning ahead will help!

Support good cause

Find a good cause and support it. And no, we are not talking here about donating money (although you can if you want to & can afford it).

Research volunteering options in your area and donate a bit of your time if you can. Have a clear out and drop off some stuff at local charity shop. Whatever you do, it will really make a difference.

Be kind

The most important yet often forgotten. Be kind. To yourself, your body and those around you. It doesn’t cost anything and requires minimal effort.

New Year is a perfect time to start fresh and do something that will make you feel better and hopefully change quality of your life. And if you choose to add our suggestions to your list it will also benefit those around you and the environment.

Karolina Scott