Let’s make Black Friday 'Greener'

This coming Friday brings us one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Few weeks before Christmas, so an ideal timing to grab some bargains and indulge the shopper within you.

However, as the sales might be a great way to save money it doesn’t do our planet any favours as shopping usually creates masses of waste. Just think of all the non-recyclable packaging, shoppers’ carbon footprint and the effect that manufacturing all these goods has on the environment.

Well we are not saying don’t take an advantage of those savings at all, but as you hit the sales try to reduce the negative effects it can have. There are lots of ways to make the experience eco-friendlier.


No returns

Decide in advance what bargains you are hunting for, so nothing goes to waste. Just think of the packaging, fuel and time – do you really want and need to do it twice?

Bring your own bags

This goes without saying these days! First, most stores will charge you for bags anyway and second, there is really no need for more and more plastic bags to be around and/or end up in our oceans. Always bring reusable.

Consolidate online order

To reduce packaging try to minimize the number the stores that you are you doing your shopping at. By buying online you not really contributing to the fuel waste as the FedEx or UPS car would probably go by your street regardless so make most of it.

Choose Fair Trade Products

Don’t just go for the biggest saving, research products to find out a bit more about them. What are they made from? How were they made? Are they fair trade & eco-friendly? More and more ethical companies are joining Black Friday sales, so you can be sure you will be able to find deals on products that are kind to you and the environment.

Just remember that saving a bit of money isn’t   worth neglecting the environment. This year try to do both at the same time: save money and save the planet. Let’s make Black Friday a little bit ‘Greener’ 😊

Karolina Scott