Let’s talk beauty oils

Putting oils on our face and body is one of the latest beauty trends. Whether it is argan, avocado, coconut or jojoba, it is a MUST to have one of these oils in our beauty cabinet. The good news is that the oils are not just another fad, they are really beneficial to our skin.

And you are not a fan already, these are the 6 reason why you should include natural oils in your routine. (Even if you happen to have oily skin read on)


Natural oils have antioxidant effect on the skin which means that they help fighting sings of aging, like spots and wrinkles. Oils are also great at reducing the damage caused by UV rays.



Because the oils contain the essential fatty acids that the skin needs to stay properly hydrated, they help to lock moisture in.


As skin prone to breakouts can be easily over dried it will produce more oil to compensate for that. Using natural oil will balance the process and clear up acne.

Calming effect

Oils have calming effect on skin. They can ease irritation and inflammation, therefore great for those with a skin known to get aggravated easily.

Aiding absorption

Since oils dissolve and pass through the lipid layer of skin much easier than the any water-based moisturisers, they prevent water loss and make your skin looking much healthier and plumper. On top of that they help other products like serums, creams etc to be absorbed better.


Above all oils act as a great protective barrier to the environmental elements, such as wind, cold and snow. So just about right time to start using it.

Choosing Oils

It’s no surprise that the pure, organic oils will be the kindest to the skin and offer most benefits. Natural is always best so of course it is important to look out for any synthetic fragrances that might have been added (labelled ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’). The safest bet is to use unscented ones however if oils have been scented with cold pressed essential oils that’s ok too.

Using Oils

It’s worth remembering that if you are using pure natural oil the general rule is not to overdo it. A little really goes long way and few drops are enough. Oils can be used directly on the skin, but they can also be mixed in in moisturisers and creams. Also, unlike other products oils shouldn’t be rubbed in, they should be gently pressed into your skin. To get most out of the body oil it is recommended to apply it to a damp skin straight after bath or shower.

Natural oils are easily available these days and there is plenty to choose from so whatever your skin might need you can be sure there is an oil for it.  Just make sure you pick the right one because although they can be very effective, they offer different benefits.

Karolina Scott